August 10, 2010


It started at an adventure camp we all worked at in Colorado. My friend Katherine, who likes to eat, and my friend Shelly, who likes to cook, and a few other friends were sitting around the lodge one night eating dessert.  After her third helping of Shelly’s peach pie, someone called Katherine "Hoover" and the name stuck. They ribbed her awhile on it until they noticed how much cheese I consumed on a daily basis.  Before dinner, with dinner, at lunch, a morning snack.  While they chose to bring peanut butter and jelly on mountain bike rides, I chose dry bread with cheese because in the hot Rocky Mountain mid day sunshine, sometimes the cheese melted a little making something like a backcountry grilled cheese.  And so I became “Cheese Hoover”. I guess it’s the first time I noticed that food was important to me.

And that’s why I’m here.

Because I like to write and think and eat and be with my friends and family and I’m curious about the way food connects people and place and feelings and ideas. I have created this space as a place to explore those connections.

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