May 17, 2011

Coffee Talk Talking

It used to be that the way I needed coffee was pretty unhealthy. I eventually found the snobbish way I drank coffee- the quantity and type- to be quite limiting. When my world got a little bigger (read: when I got my first real job and realized I couldn’t necessarily afford the coffee I loved or at least to drink it as much as I had been) I became less of a snob about what coffee I was willing to drink. Today, I enjoy one cup of good coffee and this makes me happy- its perfect cardboard coloring, the strong taste of freshly roasted beans, the beauty of the way it looks in its mug, the kick-start to my day. Sometimes this perfect cup is quietly enjoyed alone, sometimes with friends or with my husband, dreaming about the future.  But what I like best about that one cup of coffee hasn’t changed. It is the infinite possibility it affords. While sitting, drinking coffee, I feel I might accomplish anything during the day. I might start a business, book travel plans to visit friends or explore new countries, I might write the book that has been brewing in my head, draw beautiful pictures, make political cartoons. I might climb mountains high and ride my bike far distances, I might even learn the Spanish language, learn that bothersome F#m chord on the guitar. I could surely finish the book I’m reading, teach my baby girl to walk and sing and dance, make impossible dishes for dinner, bake perfect baguettes, get a puppy, take beautiful pictures, find myself in a bluegrass band, make new friends and reconnect with my old ones. And sometimes I do. Sometimes I do. 


  1. Lovely, that's the best pitch for coffee that i've ever heard! Who're you writing for? I'd love to sign you for Starbucks, that is, if you are willing to sell your soul...
    How much ;)

  2. Let's have coffee sometime soon! I love the idea of all the possibility that comes with drinking your morning coffee. Whenever friends would talk about quitting coffee, I have always countered that it is the ritual of morning coffee that I can't live without--and somehow that ritual doesn't translate with tea. xo

  3. Very nice, Darcie. I like your ending especially. So what coffee do you brew?

    See you this summer for coffee!

  4. I've tried to kick the coffee habit but here in Western Mass, good coffee is everywhere so it's pretty tough. Especially for the likes of me, a person with zero willpower. ; }